I’m new here

I’m new here

We are so glad you’d like to join us on Sunday morning!

We know that many times when you step into a new place there are a variety of questions going through your mind.

  • Will I be welcomed?
  • Will I be ignored?
  • Will there be anything for my kids?
  • Will I be uncomfortable?

These are the questions that we have all experienced when we walk into a church for the first time. We want you to know that you will be welcomed in a way that is encouraging to you and your family. We have excellent kid’s ministries that happen during the service as well as during the Adult Bible Studies.

In an effort to continue to calm any fears or anxiety that you may have about exploring church with us on Sunday mornings, we want you to know that we have a coffee and fellowship time from 9 to 9:30. Our worship service is 9:30 to 11. Adult Bible Studies are happening from 11 to 12 as the kid’s ministries continue.

If you have to put on a false face to go to church, then you aren’t really helping yourself or anyone else. We’re real people, and we hang out like real people. Wear a pair of jeans (like Pastor Billy) and a T-shirt, dress preppy, hipster, grunge, or emo. We don’t care. Come with ink on your arms, gauges in your ears, clean-shaven or stubbly, with makeup or without, even just in from the farm. Just be yourself when you come, but be ready to be a little better when you leave.

Our pastor is young-hearted, and this is his first time as a lead pastor, so we have quirks. But that’s what you get when you let real people be themselves in the context of helping others. Pastor Billy gets distracted easily and is always looking to the future, but he is also ready to serve in any way he can.

Our facility is less than ideal for some things but great for others. Our resources may be limited, but we have what God has entrusted us with. We may still be small in attendance, but you will never find a better spiritual family than right here. We have a Bible for you here, or you can use your phone and follow along on the You Version Bible app.

Even with all of this, we are convinced that what God is doing in our midst is amazing, and you will not want to miss what is next!

So, come on by this Sunday!